Home Celebrities Why and How Has Kpop Become So Very Famous? – Business Scribble

Why and How Has Kpop Become So Very Famous? – Business Scribble

Why and How Has Kpop Become So Very Famous? – Business Scribble

There will be hardly any person of this young generation who doesn’t know about Korean pop culture. This culture can be seen in every entertainment-related content that comes out of Korea – Korean drama, movies, and songs.

If you think you know what Kpop exactly is, just after watching the famous “Gangnam Style” video, then you are wrong. Kpop holds a lot more than that. The most famous Kpop bands and artists include; BIGBANG, BTS, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Blackpink, Drunken Tiger, and many more.

A blend of talent, music, choreography, and ingenious ideas makes it one of a kind. Kpop did not get famous overnight, a lot of time and hard work. Here are some reasons why Kpop is so famous around the world, that also in a very unique way.

The Creative Costumes and Color Combinations

Do you want to see amazing creativity in costumes? Watch the Kpop videos. The use of color schemes and such amazing costumes helps Kpop stand tall in the world of fashion and creativity. At the time when there was barely any industrialization in regions like North America, Asia was already had a collection of art and graphics which was ahead of its time.

No wonder, why there is such a big amount of creativity in every Kpop music we watch. The creativity and talent also reflect in the effects and makeup of artists. Every bit of these videos is designed and displayed according to a specific theme. Pick any Kpop video and watch it, you will believe my words.

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When it comes to fashion, Kpop stars seem to stand out with their unique approach towards fashion. If we compare the real-life outfits of Kpop stars with the Hollywood stars, we can clearly see a big difference. The originality and intensity is way higher in Kpop stars’ fashion sense than that of Hollywood.

These stars are never shy of trying out new stuff and tend to be always trying on something new and unique. For example, EXO’s Kai, he is always making his fans drool over his amazing fashion sense. A combination of high-end brands and simplicity is his trademark I guess. This amazing fashion sense even helped him achieve the name of global ambassador by the famous brand Gucci.

Out of This World Choreography

Their choreography! Yes, the dance, Kpop artists’ performances are out of this world. The choreography is usually very hard and unique. What makes it even better is that they don’t only perform in music videos, but also on stage, live.

These outstanding performances show how talented and hardworking these Kpop artists are. And there is no doubt that hard work pays off.

Diversity of Talent

We have seen several Kpop artists acting along with singing. The diversity of talent is breathtaking. They are probably slaying at both singing and acting. Nothing can be better for fans to watch their favorite singers in a show or a movie, acting as a whole different person.

Apart from these reasons, there are several different reasons for people to love them, either it’s their looks, the upbeat music, the inside jokes or just simply just love for the artists. Doesn’t matter what band, group, or artist it is or what song a fan keeps playing on repeat, it’s the hard work, publicity, and every other effort that was put into helping Kpop reach every country of the world. The fandoms of all these bands call themselves “army”, and act as an army also. Say something wrong about any of these bands or artists you will know what these armies are capable of, no offense but they are really loyal to whom they love.

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