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What is the difference between the internet and the wifi? – Business Scribble


Wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is a wireless network that is used for connection of the devices with each other via a hotspot for Internet sharing. Moreover, an  internet is a global network where computers communicate with each other through internet protocol .

However, for details go through this blog to learn about the characteristics of wifi , internet. How these two terms are different from each other?


Wifi defines any network base on  802.11 standards ,allows computers ,devices with wireless feature  to communicate through radio waves. 802.11 defines network standards describe how the two devices communicate with each other across air?

Wifi is a small network space in which all networkable devices such as computers , smartphones are connected to each other. So, it can also share the internet using a hotspot.

For the network connection and high-speed internet, wifi use radio frequency waves. The antenna size is very small and can be put easily on the router. And to connect printers, mobiles, computers wifi is used.

So, to use  approaches similar to standard Wi-Fi Ethernet, physically create a wireless network. In modern technologies, wifi is built-in and  widely used in hotspots .

Moreover , Permits mobile connection to the internet by using their WIFI-enabled wireless devices. Wifi is commonly used in small companies and in homes.


Internet uses the Internet protocol suite to connect devices globally. Importantly as they said,  Internet is a globally connected network, so it has more users than intranet users.

History of the internet:

The idea of the internet originated in 1969 and it has gone through several infrastructural changes discussed below:

  • So ,on the base of Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET) ,internet was devised. It was developed by the United States Department of Defense.
  • And the  basic purpose is to provide communication among the bodies of government.
    At first there were only four nodes called Hosts.
  • In 1972 the ARPANET dispersed over the globe with 23 nodes present in different countries and  became the internet.
  • So, With the advancements of new technologies like TCP or IP protocols. Browsers, domain name systems, and many more. An internet provides a medium to access information on the web.
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