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7 web3 projects supporting rainforest conservation

7 web3 projects supporting rainforest conservation

Happy World Rainforest Day!

Rainforests play an essential role in the health of our planet, whether it’s absorbing massive amounts of Co2, supporting the world’s water cycles, or maintaining plant and animal biodiversity.

Unfortunately, the world’s rainforests are in crisis, with most experts agreeing we are losing upwards of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest each and every day, or 29.2M acres every year. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of about 60,000 football fields a day, or 22M in a year.

The impacts of rainforest loss are massive, accelerating climate change while contributing to food insecurity, a loss of biodiversity, displacement of Indigenous communities, and much more.

Urgent action is needed to address this crisis, and web3 technology can be a part of the solution. In fact, there are many projects that are already using the power of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3 to support rainforest conservation.

In this post, we highlight 8 organizations and projects using web3 to support rainforest conservation and regeneration.

1. Rainforest Tokens (Fund The Planet)Fund The Planet has the mission of helping “everyone to get directly involved in the protection of nature.” They purchase rainforest real estate, and sell it around the globe, with the guarantee that it remains untouched. Their Rainforest Token is an NFT that rewards collectors for saving the rainforest. By purchasing an NFT, it supports the preservation of the rainforest, with over 2,000,000 M² of rainforests already saved by the project.


2. Celo Climate CollectiveThe Celo Climate Collective is a coalition of organizations “working at the intersections of web3 and climate action.” The aim is to build the capacity for regenerative applications on the Celo blockchain, and to ultimately back Celo stablecoins with tokenized natural assets. Over the next four years, the goal is for 40% of the Celo reserve to transition to tokenized rainforest and other carbon sequestering assets, which based on today’s numbers, would allow for the protocol to own $340M worth of newly planted rainforest, representing roughly 135 million large rainforest trees.

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3. CryptoTreesCryptoTrees, built on Algorand, is dedicated to using “blockchain technology to plant trees, save forests, and assist the global fight against climate change.”  They offer a series of Tree NFT collections, with a portion of proceeds supporting organizations such as Rainforest Rescue. To date, they have donated over 74,000 trees.

4. Open Forest Protocol – Open Forest Protocol makes use of blockchain technology to change how forestation projects are monitored, verified, and funded. They provide forestation projects with access to their ground breaking digital platform that helps track reforestation projects in a transparent and open source manner, ensuring their work can be effectively verified, and providing these projects with access to new funding opportunities.

5. The AEternals – The AEternals is a “Multidimensional NFT” project dedicated to support rainforest conservation. The project is currently in pre-launch, with plans to donate 55% of proceeds to Rainforest Partnership, a non-profit aimed at preserving tropical rainforests. They also have plans to deploy IoT devices to the Amazon to effectively measure the impact of their donations.

6. Nemus – Nemus is a “collectible NFT experience designed to conserve & protect the Amazon Rainforest.” Nemus secures at-risk land in the Amazon, with the goal of protecting its biodiversity and stopping deforestation. Nemus NFTs are tied to this land, with every holder playing a role in its conservation and protection.

7. Amazon Club – Amazon Club is an NFT project based out of Brazil with the goal of preserving the Amazon Rainfores. For each Amazon Club NFT minted, a tree is planted, enabling holders to track their own tree with a QR code. They also aim to maintain an Environmental Protection Area in the rainforest, and to support Amazon conservation initiatives.

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