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Top 10 Low-Code Platforms that will Gain Prominence in 2023

Top 10 Low-Code Platforms that will Gain Prominence in 2023

The introduction of low-code platforms has made it possible to build applications integrated with AI

With the growing technological advancements, it is now possible to create complex applications without spending huge amounts of money, waiting for months and years, and employing multiple developers. The introduction of low-code platforms has made it possible to build applications integrated with advanced technologies. With the advent of these platforms, more and more businesses are looking to leverage their power to create AI products. This brings the visual drag-and-drop tools to the picture to help data scientists fill the void and make AI less intimidating for less technical people. This article lists the top 10 low-code platforms that will gain prominence in 2023.


Mendix is a mobile low-code development platform that is intended for designing mobile applications. The platform specifically offers a low-code development landscape that handles application development through a visual, model-driven environment, which increases the speed and efficiency of the application development process.


ObviouslyAI uses state-of-art natural language processing systems to perform complex tasks on user-defined CSV data. It allows the users to integrate data from other sources, as well as from Salesforce, Redshift, and other related platforms. So, without prior knowledge about linear regression or text classification, users can leverage this platform to run predictive analyses on their data.


Clarifai is a leading deep-learning AI platform for computer vision, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition. The platform comes with a broad set repository of pre-trained, latest AI models built with millions of output and context. It can detect explicit content, and attributes such as food, textures, or faces from unstructured images, videos, or texts.

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Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is one of the most competent low-code platforms that help users build applications easily and integrate their functionality seamlessly. The level of coding expertise of the developers does not matter since this platform aims to make everything easy, secure, and swift.


Retool offers a low-code automation platform for building internal tools with a complete set of powerful building blocks such as tables, drag-and-drop, lists, forms, maps, and many more. it also helps to connect to multiple databases with a REST or gRPC API efficiently.


It is a simple, easy-to-use platform that enables anyone to modify their sales, finance, and marketing tasks daily with the power of AI. Akkio trains and deploys AI models in just minutes, without the help of any consultants, software, or sales conversations. Users creating the models need no prior AI experience. It is free to use and can help businesses grow efficiently.

Fritz AI

It is a growing machine learning platform that helps bridge the gap between mobile developers and data scientists. The Fritz AI studio allows users to quickly turn their ideas into production-ready tools by providing data annotation tools and synthetic data to generate datasets seamlessly.


Appian helps organizations to build workflows and applications rapidly, with its low-code platform. It enables the users to design enterprise-ready apps, with attractive user interfaces to integrate technologies, people, data, and systems into a single workflow to accelerate the company’s growth.


Creatio is a global software company providing a leading low-code platform for process and customer relationship management. The Creatio platform aims to accelerate complex industry operations and thrive amid the constant innovation and disruption to adapt and transform according to market demands.

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Caspio is another great choice for building cloud-based applications with no coding. The platform helps users to build database design, user permissions, workflows, and more. It is a prominent low-code platform suitable for building scalable, reliable, and secure online database apps.

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