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The Ultimate Debate: Books Or Movies What Is Better? – Business Scribble

The Ultimate Debate: Books Or Movies What Is Better? – Business Scribble

Honestly, it depends on what you like the most, and what suits your routine better. There is no better or worse here, there are only priorities and habits. Some people tend to love books more than any movie, while others love watching movies instead of reading books. But obviously, there are always differences between the two different kinds of hobbies/entertainments.

So, rather than talking about random books and movies, I am going to talk about movies that are based on books/novels, and discuss whether the book version is better or the movie version.

Historically speaking, books are usually better than movies. While reading a book, one can imagine a whole new world full of the characters and events of the story. Moreover, books tend to be more descriptive and detailed, on the other hand, movies are kind of comprehensive.

As Paulo Coelho said, “The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader.”

Sometimes, while reading a story we make up the whole vision of a certain character in our minds. And most of the time, the person playing the same character in a filmed version of that story doesn’t look anything like we imagined – high-level disappointment.

Personally, many times an amazing plot twist or a climax that happened in the book never happened in the film, another big disappointment.

On the other hand, movies also have their own perks. If we stay fair and think then we will know that it is not really okay to compare two completely different mediums with each other and expect them to be exactly the same. That’s not how things work right?

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Stephen King once said, “comparing one to the other is like comparing apples to oranges.

Books and movies, both are a source of fun and entertainment. One might be better than the other in some ways and lacking in other ways.

Books are no doubt good, as I explained before, but when we talk about movies we get to know about many different ways they might be better than books.

The best thing about movies is that they show, and you get to watch the whole thing. The whole experience of watching is nothing like reading the same thing. While reading a book the reader is the one who creates a whole imaginative movie in his/her head however, while watching a movie you don’t have to keep your imagination game strong.

Moreover, movies come with music and visual designs which makes the experience of watching a movie more fun. The music plays a great role in making you feel exactly how the character is feeling in the movie. You know it when the climax is about to come and when something good is going to happen, just by the type of music that plays in the background.

In this busy life, most people don’t have enough time to read books. On the other hand, movies are mostly around 2 hours in length and you can watch them whenever you get some leisurely hours and enjoy them.

Both mediums of storytelling come with their specific benefits and perks, and the best thing is there are no drawbacks to any of them. Both are best for people who love them. Readers would say that the books are the best while the movie lovers will call movies the best, and there is no competition between books and movies. Books will never get old, and movies will never lose their charm, both the mediums have their own fan bases and no one can ever compare them in order to point out the best or the worst.

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