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Oman Visa On Arrival For All GCC Residents Of All Professions

Oman Visa On Arrival For All GCC Residents Of All Professions

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Oman Visa On Arrival: GCC residents, of all professions, will be able to access Oman without any restrictions to conduct business, travel, or for any other reason.

Residents do, however, require visas. They are available upon arrival at any of the GCC border points according to local media reports.

In order to be admitted to Oman the resident’s visa within Oman’s GCC has to have a validity minimum of not less than three months. In addition, the circular states that the issue of granting visas for nationals with restricted citizenship will only be granted after observing the guidelines.

Oman Visa On Arrival

In a circular issued by Oman Airports, Oman currently permits all GCC residents who have valid residency and work visas to be granted by the authorities for immigration in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar regardless of their occupation. Visas are granted upon arrival and with a charge. The GCC residents are not disqualified from entry if their residence visa has a validity minimum of not less than three months.

The latest circular issued by the Directorate General of Passports and Residence concerning the entry requirements for citizens of GCC countries reads: All residents of GCC countries are entitled to work in the Sultanate of Oman in all professional fields; it is not necessary for residents to be from their country of residence. This means that residents of any GCC country do not have to travel directly from the GCC country to be able to use the benefits of this service. The facility is available anytime and from any location that they travel to; however, it is mandatory to have a residence visa valid within the GCC for a time period that is not less than 3 months, and that the procedures mentioned are in effect.

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