Home Celebrities New Kebaya Merah A 16-minute video gains popularity on Twitter and TikTok.

New Kebaya Merah A 16-minute video gains popularity on Twitter and TikTok.

New Kebaya Merah A 16-minute video gains popularity on Twitter and TikTok.

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Dear Friends: This time the coach is back with interesting and viral news. This time the coach will give information about the most recent Red Kebaya video link that has gone viral on TikTok and a 16-minute video that has gone viral on Twitter, among other things. are below. a close acquaintance.

Recently, the Lal Kebaya Merah video link with a woman who appears to be a waitress shocked everyone. Diverse reactions to the woman wearing the red kebaya were seen in the video.

It spread quickly, became a hot topic, and developed a contentious slant. A user uploaded this Red Kebaya video from a TikTok entry.

It is known that a video showing a woman wearing a red kebaya was uploaded by an account with the username @vr****d1. The video received many comments and an immediate response from FYP.

A red-clad woman is seen knocking on a hotel’s door in a video that internet users have seen. A woman is seen covering her eyes with a black cloth while sporting a red kebab. He also attempted to enter the space while carrying an ashtray made of glass and wearing a robe the color of Garik. What the woman in red actually did, though, is unknown. In the video thumbnail, the vr****d1 account wrote:

The timeline of this red Kebaya Merah video intrigues internet users. It appears that the video posted by the @vr****d1 account has been viewed 800,000 times in a short period of time.

The video has also received thousands of comments and more than 34,000 likes. The full Kebayamera video, which was a popular topic of Chick Talk on Twitter, turned out to contain some unexpected material, though.

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Watch Video Here

Red Kebaya Merah 16-minute viral video link

A video of an adul*t scene is shown for the entire 16 minutes of the video link.

The actress portraying a hotel maid in the video resembles a p*orn star. For 16 minutes, several adul*t websites hosted the first version of the Kebaya Merah viral video.

Due to the inappro*priate scenes, it contains, we do not advise looking for this red kebaya video link. But many of the phishing links in Kebaya Merah’s popular videos are fake.

Originally posted 2022-11-05 17:11:10.

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