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3 Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth With Ease

3 Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth With Ease

There are thousands of products that you can use to specially whiten your teeth. You can even pay for a whitening course from your local orthodontist or dentist if it’s something you desperately need. However, they can be incredibly expensive, and not everyone has the money for that sought of thing. Thankfully, there are many natural products you can use to whiten your teeth, some of which might surprise you. Let’s check some of them out.

Brushing with baking soda

One of the benefits of brushing with baking soda is that it has natural whitening properties. It’s used in a lot of commercial toothpaste; however, some dentists recommend using it on its own. This is because it is an abrasive substance, which can help scrub away surface stains on your teeth. Removing these stains will help whiten your teeth in the long run.

Apple cider vinegar

For many centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as a disinfectant and a natural cleaning product. It is also a highly effective substance when it comes to removing stains or marks on teeth. This is because the solution has a bleaching effect. It is important to note, however, that the liquid shouldn’t be applied liberally to your teeth because it is highly acidic. Highly acidic drinks can erode the enamel on your teeth, making them more vulnerable to decay.

Fruits and veggies are essential

Not only is a diet high in fruits and vegetables good for your body – but it is also good for your teeth. Crunchy raw fruits like sticks of carrot and celery are very effective in stripping the plaque off your teeth when you chew. Strawberries and pineapple are both extremely effective fruits for teeth whitening, should you not be able to afford cosmetic, professional whitening services.

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