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Madhuri Dixit, 54, wore such a bold dress, became a victim of Oops Moment in front of the media, watch video


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit has kept the magic of her beauty on her fans even today in the industry. Today the biggest actresses fail due to the beauty and performance of Madhuri Dixit. Young actresses have also failed in front of Madhuri Dixit’s glamor. Madhuri Dixit is not seen in films these days, but she remains active as a judge of dance reality shows. Recently Madhuri Dixit has been seen during an event in which she is looking beautiful and glamorous as ever. Many pictures of Madhuri Dixit from this event are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Some pictures and videos of her event are becoming fiercely viral.

In the video, it can be seen how Madhuri Dixit’s dress repeatedly falls below the shoulder, which Madhuri Dixit has to fix again and again. Madhuri Dixit has a lot of problems with this dress. This is clearly visible in the video. Although Madhuri Dixit was looking very bold and beautiful in this dress and the neck of this dress of Madhuri Dixit was also very deep, due to which her boldness was emerging.

In the video, Madhuri Dixit has been seen falling victim to the oops moment as many times as she fixes the strap of her dress. However, due to the bad strap of the dress, she had to carry a jacket so that she would feel comfortable in the event. This video of Madhuri Dixit is spreading like fire on the internet. Users are also making many comments.

Originally posted 2022-10-24 14:23:17.

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