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How Much Does Lisinopril Cost Without Insurance

How Much Does Lisinopril Cost Without Insurance

What Is Lisinopril?

Lisinopril is a prescription drug given to people who suffer from high blood pressure or experienced severe heart problems such as strokes and heart attacks. A physician may prescribe Lisinopril if the patient has undergone a heart attack or heart failure.

The medication’s main purpose is to minimize the risk of experiencing these same issues in the future. Lisinopril comes in two forms, tablets and liquid; however, the liquid form is usually given to people who have a hard time swallowing pills.

The medication form has to be prescribed by your physician. Lisinopril is also given to people who suffer from diabetic kidney disease.

Lisinopril Virtues And Side Effects

Lisinopril has many virtues; it decreases blood pressure, helping the heart pump blood more effectively. It also has some side effects that include dizziness; that is why it is usually prescribed as a medication taken at night time at first. After the body adjusts, the patient can take it at a suitable time for them. Some other side effects include diarrhea, dry cough, or vomiting; please be advised to share any of these side effects with your doctor.

Does Medicare Cover Lisinopril?

Lisinopril is considered an affordable drug for many; nevertheless, it is even more accessible for people who benefit from Medicare as they cover the full cost of the drug.

How Much Does Lisinopril Cost Without Insurance?

Lisinopril is available in all pharmacies, in both generic and brand form, and its price depends on the brand and pharmacy it was acquired from. Still, it usually does not go above 15.00 dollars for 30 tablets. Patients can also benefit from pharmacy coupons, which can lower the price to only 4 dollars.

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How Much Does Lisinopril Cost With Insurance?

Lisinopril is covered by Medicare and also by a broad range of insurance plans. The price may vary depending on the insurance plan. Nevertheless, in some cases, it may be cheaper to buy Lisinopril using pharmacy coupons. It drops the cost significantly.

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