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Fast and Lucrative Way to Sell House in Atlanta

Fast and Lucrative Way to Sell House in Atlanta

As per the data, Atlanta home takes around 67 days to sell. You can sell your home fast if you get a host of offers and there are no obstructions in the processes such as home appraisal, inspection, and more till closing.

If you want to know how to sell my house fast, then you must become aware of the best tips and tricks. It will not just help you sell your house within weeks or days but will also enhance the net profit. Hence, here we help you sell your house fast and for more money.

Whether you want to sell a home as is in Atlanta, or otherwise, you need to follow the tips mentioned below to sell your home quickly and more profitably.

List on the MLS

The first way we suggest to you is to create a listing on the MLS. This is identified as one of the quickest ways to enter the big housing market. To create a special place for your property, you need to market your property well so that thousands of home buyers are interested in your listing. There are cash home buyers such as iBuyers and we buy houses companies too that can view your listing and make a lucrative offer.

They also ensure to syndicate your listing to other real estate websites too. This gives your home the maximum exposure. As per many studies done by esteemed real estate websites, the homes that are created on the MLS with interesting listing descriptions and photographs sell faster than others. Other than this, it may also interest you to know that the sellers got 17% more than the asking price of the home. One of the tips we suggest for you is that you must ensure to hire a professional photographer for your listing. Homes that have high-resolution and effective images sell 32% faster!

As the listing goes live on the MLS, you can begin another phase of the sell my house fast process. You get to compare and review offers. You can get in touch with the prospective buyers. You also need to conduct showings and negotiate the deal with the buyer. Houzeo can help you with MLS listing, and other tools to assist you with streamlining the home sale process.

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Houzeo offers these four Flat Fee MLS packages:

  • Bronze Package is priced at $299 which they list on MLS and syndicate the listing to other websites too.
  • Silver Package priced at $349 provides everything the home sellers need.
  • Gold Package priced at $399, you get entire MLS packages like Showings, Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum priced at $999, you get help from a licensed broker in managing negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

Keep an Aggressive Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important determinants if you want to sell your home faster. It is not that you have to suffer a loss for selling your home quickly. It is all about setting the correct price for the house. To set the right listing price, you need to have good knowledge of the local market. Know the type of residence you are selling, and the locality where you are staying, and then set the initial offer price. This listing price should be open for negotiation with the buyer. The list price should be such that it should invite traffic to your listing.

Offer Good Buyer Agent Commission

As per the NAR’s home buyer statistics, 87% of buyers hire a real estate agent to buy homes. If you pay a considerable amount of the commission to the buyer, they will ensure to close the deal not just quickly but also at a higher price. 

To invite most buyer agents on your listing created on the MLS, ensure to pay a high commission. Buyer agents will incessantly work for you and put in all the effort to sell your home fast and at a better price! The regular buyer’s agent commission is around 2.5% to 3% in various US states, but the same may vary as per the location of the home. If you have a sought-after property, then you can tremendously save a huge amount of commission. At the same time, the real estate agent’s commission should be high to sell an average property.

Become active

The laid-back approach will not work to sell your house faster. You must ensure to create a quick MLS listing, respond quickly to inquiries and offers, reply to prospective requests, and more to sell your house fast. The delayed responses will send the buyer to another property. Also, managing showings is another significant part of the home sale process. it should be scheduled at the buyer’s convenience. Consider Houzeo Showings and other services to make your home selling experience easy and hassle-free.

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Consider iBuyers

iBuyers make instant offers on the house. They present an offer within 24 to 48 hours and ensure to close the deal within 7 days. The iBuyer companies such as Opendoor and Offerpad are the best names that are known to offer Fair Market Value or FMV. However, selling to an iBuyer means non-negotiable offers and a service charge of 5%. They also charge 2% to 8% repair costs. They provide limited coverage and operate only in a few metro and urban areas. They also have strict eligibility criteria and sell homes in good condition.

The house that can meet the iBuyer eligibility criteria in America, must consider this option. To work with an iBuyer, provide basic information about your house and submit it. The iBuyer will make an initial cash offer. You have the option to accept or reject it. If you accept, they will send a home inspector to your property. All the damages and repairs will be assessed. After the home inspection, the company provides a final cash offer and deducts the repair costs. You can accept or reject the non-negotiable offer and close your house sale within a week.

 “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies

If you want to sell a home as is Atlanta and have a poor-condition house, then get in touch with these companies to sell fast for cash. They also close within 7 days. These cash home buyers in Atlanta make lesser-priced offers like 50% to 70% of the FMV. Their offers are also non-negotiable. They buy ugly houses, distressed properties, homes with structural issues, flawed mortgage financing, inherited homes, etc. 

Other than the FSBO platforms, MLS listing, and cash buyer companies, you can also hire a local real estate investor. But the websites like Houzeo seem like the best option as they sell houses fast and for a fair price.

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