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BLACKPINK Disbanding? Lisa Sets the Record Straight

BLACKPINK Disbanding? Lisa Sets the Record Straight

BLACKPINK Lisa responds to reports of the group possibly disbanding.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Responds to Group’s Disbandment Rumors

It has been over two years since YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK released any new music with all four members. Their last release was their first studio album “THE ALBUM” released in October 2020.

Since then, BLACKPINK fans, BLINKs, have been eagerly waiting for the group’s return as a whole, while the members focused on their individual activities in the meantime.

BLACKPINK Rolling Stone(Photo : Twitter: @RollingStone)


However, as BLACKPINK’s “hiatus” continues to be extended, many fans have begun to question whether or not the members would go their separate ways to focus on their individual careers. BLACKPINK’s contract renewal would be in 2023.

But despite the members traveling all over the world for their own activities, BLACKPINK seems to have no plans on disbanding any time soon, and is currently focusing on releasing a new album.

In her recent interview with top magazine Rolling Stone, “LALISA” hitmaker Lisa talked about the ongoing concern of disbandment.

BLACKPINK Lisa Rolling Stone(Photo : Twitter: @RollingStone)


Rolling Stone asked the idol, “Have you ever wondered what will happen if BLACKPINK ends one day?”

To this question, Lisa states that the members have never even touched on the topic of disbandment, saying, “I don’t think we’ve even talked about this amongst ourselves.”

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While Lisa admits that the members have sometimes joked about what they would be doing in the future, such as Jisoo moving to Hawaii and Lisa returning to Thailand, it is something that they won’t be doing any time soon.

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BLACKPINK Lisa Rolling Stone(Photo : Twitter: @RollingStone)


In fact, Lisa doesn’t even want to think about disbanding, saying, “But I don’t want to think about the end. It’s too sad.”

Lisa Hopes for a BLACKPINK Reunion Concert in the Future

However, Lisa knows that BLACKPINK’s promotions will eventually come to an end one day. She expresses her hope of having a reunion concert in the future, similar to British girl group Spice Girls.

“Someday we’ll get married and things like that. But then I see the Spice Girls, how they got together for a reunion concert. Can we do that too someday? Will I be able to dance then, like I do now?” Lisa said.

BLACKPINK Lisa Rolling Stone(Photo : Twitter: @RollingStone)


When it comes to how long they will be promoting, Lisa says they should have at least a minimum of ten more years together.

“I mean, won’t BLACKPINK last at least ten more years? We’ll be nearly 40 by then,” the idol states.

While BLACKPINK won’t be disbanding any time soon, Lisa admits that she isn’t sure what she will be doing when she is in her forties, saying, “I don’t know [what I’ll be doing in my forties]. I’ll still have good vibes, doing different things, like now.”

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BLACKPINK Lisa Rolling Stone(Photo : Twitter: @RollingStone)


She concludes by saying that BLACKPINK is currently working on new music. Lisa has been working nonstop in the past few weeks.

“[These days] we’re all going back and forth from the recording studio, or doing our own stuff, or going abroad because of fashion business. I’ve been working nonstop for the past week without a break,” Lisa says.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is expected to make their comeback sometime in June.

Originally posted 2022-11-07 15:52:20.

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