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24 Best Franchise in India

24 Best Franchise in India

To make money you need to have money, this is a statement that we hear often. It is more true than false because even if you take up a job for which you don’t pay, you still did pay for an education that made you eligible for this job. With business again you need money to buy or create a product that you are to sell. Similarly, you can opt to sell a famous product or famous line of products that originally don’t belong to you but are shared with you by the means of the franchise system. Joining a franchise is a great way to make money. In this article, we will inform you about the best franchise in India and the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs in which you can invest and do business.

What is a Franchise?

In the most literal sense of the word, franchising would mean nothing more than barter. You give money and you buy secrets in exchange. These secrets could be recipes, business models, products, etc. You see so many McDonald’s out there and so many KFCs, Subways, Dominos, etc. not all of them are run by the company, most of them are franchises given up to people who are willing to start their own business using someone else’s name and are ready to pay for it.

Let us take McDonald’s for example. You could own one McDonald’s store if you wanted, all you would have to do is find a suitable space to put your setup and then talk it out with someone from the company. After cracking the deal you become a part of the chain restaurant and get an outlet of the franchise.

The franchise system is a growth and expansion business setup which also sometimes acts as a pathway for a foreign business to enter new markets. Both the parties, the franchisee, and the franchisor need to sort out the contract details before entering the partnership so that it benefits both of them.

24 Best Franchise in India

Working with a franchise has many benefits. Most franchises are already established in the market and are easily recognized by customers. They are also stable as they are not limited to a particular place. They have a loyal customer base which means a portion of profit is guaranteed. Let us now begin our list.

1. Patanjali

Who doesn’t know Patanjali? The brand introduced by Baba Ramdev is a well-known household name in India today just like it is in my home as well. There are a couple of options to choose from when you decide to get a Patanjali franchise. For an investment of 1 crore or more, you could get yourself a franchise of one of the biggest and fastest product-selling brands. Since the company deals in FMCG products which are essentials you are almost guaranteed to make good money right from the start.

2. Dr. Batra’s Hair Clinic

We all know this clinic, it has been a part of our life since who knows when, we have all seen their boards while riding in a car. This is proof of the popularity of this brand and this popularity can be shared with you when you sign up for one of the best franchise in India, that is this brand. The brand is present in 5 countries and has more than 100 clinics and more than a million satisfied customers to show for itself. For 20 to 30 lakhs you could get a franchise of this brand and become a part of the network.

3. Pizza Hut

A pizza place, as a child didn’t we all want to own one? As a kid, we have all eaten pizza from this pizza place and it is a part of some of our fondest memories. Ever wondered how you could connect your childhood dream with your future business plans? Let us help you, by spending a few lakh rupees you could get yourself a Pizza Hut franchise. And as we all know Pizza is popular and pizza sells especially when it is associated with such a brand and so with that, you have your business plan sorted.

4. 3M Car Care

Don’t we all know car lovers who are too much into cars and vehicles? For them probably self-grooming comes second and their car health and checkup comes. For people like that 3M Car Care must be a well-known name. This is a car care company that provides car-related services like repairing, cleaning, etc. And for 30 to 50 lakh rupees the franchise of the company is available for you to sign up for. If you live in a colony that is close to a highway or has a lot of car lovers then this franchise is just the right thing for you.

5. Starbucks

One of the latest franchise opportunities in India comes from this coffee brand that we all know and so many love. If not the biggest brand then surely one of the most popular brands in India and around the world, the Starbucks franchise can be a real game changer for you. For somewhere between 1.5 crores to 2.5 crores, you could get yourself a Starbucks chain. We have all seen their stores filled and all crowded and so you know that sooner or later you would be making good money from it.

6. Domino’s Pizza

Another pizza brand that we all know and have grown up with is Domino’s Pizza. To date, we occasionally get ourselves their pizza and enjoy eating it such is the popularity of this brand. Well, you could do more than just eat their pizza, you could own their franchise. If you spend somewhere in the range of 30 to 50 lakhs then you could get yourselves a Domino’s Pizza chain. And you don’t need us to remind you how popular pizza is in India and how it could help you make quick and big bucks if you owned a pizza place.

7. Archies

Most of us might have come across this brand in our childhood when we saw a random shop with attractive goodies and entered it only for our parents to bring us out. This is one of the top brands and also one of the best franchise in India. Without a doubt, you should invest a few lakh rupees in this brand and own its franchise. Their products are second to none and there is a good chance of you making more than 20% profit if you have a store in a good location.

8. KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken, all the non-veg lovers out there don’t just know this brand but love it strongly just like I do. By investing an amount of 50 lakh to 1 crore you could get yourself a KFC franchise and you should do that if you have that kind of money. The brand enjoys much popularity in India and you can get an idea of it by visiting their stores in malls or on the street. This is a sure-shot winner of a brand and promises strong returns because of its products and taste, and that is what makes it a good franchise option.

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9. Lenskart

On the list of bug and top brands, this is one of the low cost franchise in India that you can own. For an amount of 30 lakhs, you could get yourself a Lenskart franchise. We all know they are in the business of spectacles and their frames and glasses are top-notch. The product they sell is more or less an essential product for a certain niche which makes its job easier. As an owner of Lenskart, you could make good money because of the fact mentioned earlier and that is what makes the brand investment worthy.

10. FabIndia

Tell me you haven’t heard of FabIndia and I will tell you that you are lying. This company is a big player in the retail industry in the clothing sector and many of you might be using its products as well. You could go a step ahead and add to its more than 150 franchises by signing up for one. For 40 to 50 lakh rupees you could get yourself a franchise of this company and within no time recover your money and make a profit by selling their products which is why you should go for it.

11. McDonald’s

Just the word Happy Meals would be enough to take most of us to our childhood days and it’s all thanks to this brand. Back then you are its food and now you can sell its food by signing up for its franchise. If you have a lot of money and are looking to invest it somewhere then go ahead and do it in one of the best franchise in India that is McDonald’s. It might not be one of the most latest franchise opportunities in India but it is surely one of the best ones that you should consider.

12. Giani IceCream

I scream, we scream, you scream when we hear ice cream. Don’t we all just love ice cream? Haven’t you all heard about Giani’s? You know where we are getting at. One of the top ice cream brands is also one of the best options for a franchise in India. For 10 to 12 lakh rupees you could own this franchise and you know how popular and self-selling an ice cream company can be so that means that you would be making good money. Let us now check out the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs.

Best Franchise In India Under 5 Lakhs

Before thinking of signing up with a brand and putting your chain business you must consider your financial capacity. Most people can only invest a certain amount of money upfront. Although, there are many franchises that require a small initial investment. Given below are some of the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs.

1. Amul Ice Cream

It doesn’t get much better than this, Amul has been around for more than 50 years now and we have all grown up eating their ice cream, drinking their milk, and consuming their butter and cheese. So we know the brand personally and can vouch for it, Amul gives you options of opening a railway parlor or an ice cream scoop parlor.

All you need is a shop that is at least 150 Square feet in size, a non-refundable investment of 25,000, 1 lakh to build up the place like a standard Amul shop, and a further 75,000 to 1 lakh rupees to get all the necessary equipment. With an investment of close to 3 lakhs or so you can get your business up and running and expect to earn a good income monthly provided you choose a good location to set up your shop.

2. Kwality Walls

Present from before the time of Independence, one of India’s oldest ice cream brands, Kwality Walls is another great option. You can sign up for the franchise of this company for 3 years and the total investment also comes to less than 5 lakh rupees. Ice cream lovers around India prefer this brand and that is why the brand is popular and is doing well to date, you would be lying if you said you don’t still eat their ice cream like me.

With Kwality, you have the option of opening a Kwality Wall’s Ice Cream Parlors Kiosk, Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlors exclusive shop, Swirls ice cream parlors kiosk, Swirls ice cream parlors exclusive shop. The measurement for each store varies and only the first two options cost under 5 lakh rupees while the rest need more investment.


Founded in 1990, DTDC courier services has more than 10,000 branches and you could increase the number by signing up for one. All of us surely remember seeing the company logo on couriers our parents received and still see them getting these, that’s how popular the brand is.

The company has three different models that you can choose from depending on where you set up your company. If you plan to set up the company in a tier 1 city then you would have to spend 1.5 lakh rupees which will include set-up cost and deposit. For a tier 2 city, this price will come down to 1 lakh, and for a tier 3 city further down to 50,000. For this franchise, you will need to have a space of at least 250 Square feet and the shop must be preferably road-facing and on the ground floor.

4. Delhivery

We all know the logistics and courier company, Delhivery, and use its services without even realizing it. Did you know that you could own one? The company was established in 2011 and has since been ever-present in this industry with operations in more than 2,500 cities and delivery of more than a million packages a day.

To sign up with them you would need to spend anywhere between 50,000 to 2 lakh rupees and would need to get laptops, printers, internet connection, and other necessary stuff set up. The area required would range between 400 to 500 Square feet. For this association, you will pay a royalty of 10% of the total income to the company and you can set the margin as per your choice on the orders. This is one of the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs.

5. Tata 1mg

TATA is a name that no one would mind associating with and it is easy to see why. One of India’s top brands, TATA is a prestigious name and in all our houses multiple TATA products have been used for years showing how famous and trusted the brand is. The company allows you to partner with one of the best franchise in India, TATA 1mg. It is an affiliate business from the healthcare sector.

To get this franchise the investment cost is just 10,000 rupees with which you also pay an initial amount ranging between 10,000 and 50,000 rupees. The royalty or commission payable is set at 8% and you get a 100% return on your investment which is why you should consider this franchise if you wish to associate with one.

6. Tibbs Frankie

More than 50 years old, Tibbs started in Mumbai and was named after a West Indian cricketer. With more than 150 outlets and millions of rolls served the company is easily very popular amongst fast food lovers and it is clear why that’s the case. My first experience with Tibbs came late but how good it was and still feels each time I get to eat it. Tibbs is considered one of the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs.

The outlet is present across more than 30 cities and you can open one too by just investing an amount close to 5 lakhs. All you would need is a place that is 50 to 250 square feet in size, knowledge about food, and a good location and within no time you would see yourself making some serious money.

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7. Unacademy

One of the top ed-tech platforms in India, Unacademy is a top company that just recently got into the franchising business. We all have seen our friends and family members do courses from their platforms or have watched their ads and know what a helpful platform it has been.

The company was founded in 2010 and launched in 2015 and is a well-known name today. It is the first brand on this list that does not need a physical space so you are saved from the cost of owning or renting a shop. The investment that you would need to make comes between 3 and 5 lakhs. Less than 10 franchises exist so the space is not saturated. The royalty or commission that you would have to pay comes to 15% and the scope of expansion is great.

8. Bounce Infinity

EVs are on the rise and we are almost at the point where they start becoming more and more common replacing traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, I too have been waiting for quite some time now to get my hands on an EV-like this. Bounce Infinity is one such company that is in the EV segment and its popularity seems to be on the rise as well. And so we bring forth one of the latest franchise opportunities in India which is the battery swap station.

If you are looking for the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs then this company is perfect. It was founded in 2018 and since then has managed to get 10 franchises rolling. To become the owner of one of its chains you need to make an investment of 2 to 5 lakhs and get a place that is 10 to 15 Square feet in size. Pay brand fees of 15,000 and get your business going and what’s more, is that you need to pay any royalty fees as well.

9. Club Mahindra

A huge name in the travel space and otherwise, Mahindra is a big-big company. Club Mahindra takes care of all your travel plans and brings you the best packages. You would be lying if you didn’t check their page or came across their offer like me when trying to book a trip. A company so good that it would not make sense to not have it on this list of the best franchise in India because it surely is one and you can open one more branch too.

This company started in 1996 and has been providing people with franchising opportunities since 2002. All you have to do is shell out 2 lakh rupees and get a space as big as 300 to 400 square feet in size. The contract is signed for a year and the franchise fee is 50,000 rupees. The agreement can be renewed later if both parties agree to further association.

10. What’ A Sandwich

Not many might know about this brand but that is no reason to rule out a brand that provides franchising opportunities and is doing well in that area. We all know Subway and this could be considered the Indian version of Subway which makes the brand more relatable to me. On this list of the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs, this is one such brand that aims to deliver good and tasty fast food to its customers.

The company was established in 2013 and since 2018 it has managed to grow to the size of 100 to 200 chains across India by providing franchising opportunities to people. It is a low cost franchise in India that needs investment between 50,000 and 2 lakhs. The shop area needs to be 200 to 250 Square feet and the brand fee is 50,000 rupees only. Commission or royalty payable is set at 7%.

11. PharmEasy

One of India’s top pharmaceutical companies is PharmEasy. Its name speaks to you as it says making it easy for people to receive their medicines and recently we have all seen their ads convey the same message. As someone who has senior citizens at their home, I can understand the importance of such a brand. The company started its business in 1995 and only recently started providing franchising opportunities to those interested.

The franchise brand fee is 50,000 rupees and after that, you need to invest anywhere between 50,000 to 2 lakh rupees in it. You need to pay a royalty or commission of 15% and your return rate is set to be 100% within a year or two from the starting period. The expansion scope is huge since the company has no more than 50 stores as of yet. You would need a shop that is 150 to 250 Square feet in size to set up this franchise and then you are good to go.

12. Cookie ‘N’ Creme

Last on this list is this very delicious cookie outlet, Cookie ‘N’ Creme which is well known and lived by sweet lovers. I don’t like sheets as much but I would be lying if I said that I won’t eat stuff from Cookie ‘N’ Creme, as a matter of fact, if I didn’t finish all of it myself. You could be the one who can have the cafe chain of this company. So far there are only 10 franchises so the scope to expand is huge. The area requirement would be having a place that is 70 to 100 square feet in size.

The investment amount would come to between 2 and 5 lakhs. The company started in 2018 and began franchising only this year. The brand fee is priced at 5 lakh rupees and the royalty payable is very cheap at 1% meaning more money for you to make. Return on investment is expected to be 100% within a year or two of starting the franchise. The Franchise term is for 5 years and after that, you can renew it if you wish to. Now you know about best franchise in India under 5 lakhs.

Latest Franchise Opportunities in India

Catching up with new developments in the franchise space will always be impossible because every day around your city, state, country, the world, tons of new businesses will open up and many of those might be a franchise or the first in line to be followed by various interested parties. In a case like this, the latest franchise opportunities in India or anywhere in the world will be outdated second by second as we speak.

Anyone can have a franchise and people can pop up showing interest in the simplest of businesses and that is why the scope in this market is never-ending. Each day a new business comes up and you may or may not know that they are a franchise starter or are a part of a franchise chain that you didn’t know of.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the best franchise in India. You have food, education, medicine, and other sectors that have been mentioned above and if you could improve your budget by a little then more options open up for you in the franchising space. If you have a fixed budget then you can also check out the best franchise in India under 5 lakhs.

If you aim to enter newer spaces then you might want to consider investing in EV franchises and ed tech franchises, however, if you want to play safe then food franchises might be your best bet.

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