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9 Best AI Paraphrasing Tool Online of 2022 [W/ Free Options]

9 Best AI Paraphrasing Tool Online of 2022 [W/ Free Options]

What is the best paraphrasing tool online available right now? Let’s get started and find out?

Believe it or not, I have used one of the most effective paraphrasing tools in this article that you are currently reading on the internet.

I am absolutely amazed, and I am sure you will be as well!!!

QuillBot AI !!!(#1 Choice)

Quick Recap: QuillBot (Our Top Picks) is the name of the tool that I’ve been using and will continue to use. It has the most advanced AI technology features that not only paraphrase the content, it helps and improves the quality of the article by adding words and many others.

As an author, student, journalist, blog post writer, attorney, and anyone who needs help with paraphrasing then must try this QuillBot paraphraser tool.

Using this tool makes my life as a writer of content easier, and I guarantee that your life will be easier once you start using it as well!

You can use this special link to get the best QuillBot right now.

Just a quick note to say that I am constantly on the lookout for new paraphrasing tools, and I have tested and ranked them in this post.

In order for you to have access to the latest paragraphing tools to assist you with your article, reports, academic paper, essays, and any other types of content that you are writing.

Please allow me to introduce you to some of the best paraphrase tool software that I have personally used and that uses artificial intelligence to produce articles that are not only unique, but also improve the overall quality of the article.

Best Paraphrasing Tool Online(Ranked)

The latest paraphrasing tool, thanks to technological advancements, particularly in AI (Artificial Intelligence), can provide you with more than just rephrasing content; instead, it can provide you with new content ideas and rewrite sentences that improve the quality of your original content.

In a glance, view the some of the best paraphrasing tool

  1. QuillBot AI
  2. SpinRewriter
  3. Paraphraser
  4. Paraphrase Online
  5. SmallSeoTools Article Rewriter
  6. Prepostseo (Paraphrasing Tool)
  7. Duplichecker(Paraphrasing Tool)
  8. GoParaphrase
  9. Seowagon(Article rewriter)

QuillBot AI

Source: Quillbot AI

As I said early, I myself use the QuillBot AI. Currently, it is the best rephrasing tool available in the market.

QuillBot is a great paraphrasing tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to rephrase and rewrite content with additional words that makes the sentence more concise and professional.

With it, you can write effective rephrase content in less time than ever before.

Words really don’t do justice to this tool’s usefulness.

You will know exactly what we mean once you start using it for yourself.

Whether you are a student, writer, blogger or any type of content creator QuillBot can help you.

It saves hours of tedious rewriting at a fraction of the cost versus hiring a freelancer.

QuillBot’s simple interface and powerful features really make it a cut above the rest.

Whether you’re looking to paraphrase something yourself or you’re a busy website owner, check out QuillBot.

It’s truly your best online business partner!

For side note, this software is not intended to be a replacement for writing a whole content.

Rather, it is a sentence rephraser. If you want to get the whole article written for you then, I advise users to look for a dedicated AI writing software that helps to write your content faster.

QuillBot Paraphrase Mode:

QuillBot has different paraphrase modes that allow you to choose the level of uniqueness and synonyms you desire for each sentence.

Here is a list of paraphrase modes available at this moment.

  • Standard – Rewrite text in reliable manner to maintain meaning
  • Fluency – This mode ensures that text is readable and free of errors.
  • Formal -Present text in more sophisticated and professional manner
  • Simple- Present text in way that most people can understand
  • Creative-  Express ideas in completely new ways that may change the original meaning of the sentence.
  • Expand -Adds more details and depth to increase the word count. This is the mode I am using for my content.


QuillBot offers two types of plans.

Free Plan Offer:

  • Completely free.
  • 125 Paraphraser word limit
  • 2 Writing modes
  • 3 Synonyms options
  • 1200 Summarizer word limit
  • 2 Sentences processed at once
  • 1 Freeze Word or phrase
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions

Paid Plan Offer:

  • $4.99 per month. With Semi-Annually $24.95 and $39.95 for yearly plan.
  • Paraphrase unlimited words
  • 7 Writing modes and that’s where magic happens.
  • 4 Synonyms options
  • 6000 Summarizer word limit
  • 15 Sentences processed at once
  • Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions
  • Compare Modes (only on Desktop)
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You may not have to look far to see the benefits software is going to have on content creation.

More and more people are starting to notice the positive impact QuillBot is having on their content.

Content creation might never be the same again.

These are exciting times, indeed, and we’re thrilled that you can be a part of it.


  • Current Deals: Get access to 5 days free trials with 60% discount of yearly plan
  • Pricing: Free Trails and Paid options
  • Our Rating: 7/10
  • Recommended: Ya…
spinrewriter paraphrasing tools
Source: Spinrewriter

SpinRewriter is a rewriter and paraphraser that truly understands content on a human level. It started in 2012 and is one of the growing paraphrasing tools in 2022.

In a 10 years period, it has updated over 12 times to make the software better for users to take advantage of its high quality of paraphrasing content.

At the time of writing this post, it has more 181 thousand seo specialists that are using this tool to rank high in google and for link building purposes.

This piece of software uses something called ENL which stands for Semantics Spinning Technology that understands the meaning of each word so it is able to generate content that is readable and meaning remain intact.

The new improvement to this software makes about 1000 versions of each article and it is up to 1000 words.

Spinrewriter are being used by many popular companies that provide services such as link building service, profile backlinks, and many others for this purpose.

This software is designed for seo experts who need tons of unique articles for their link building needs.

Quick side note, this SpinRewriter software is not meant for student, content writer, author or anyone else other than Seo specialist for the sole purpose of creating backlinks.

And in terms of price and discount, if you want to maximize saving for yourself, then sign up for a yearly plan which gives a huge discount.


It has 3 plans and we will discuss what’s included in the plan in details below.

Monthly Plan: 

The monthly plan cost $47. The features available for this plan listed below.

  • Unlimited articles – which is great for many users who need to use the tool extensively.
  • ENL Spinning Algorithm –
  • Bulk Spinning – it will save time for you
  • Mass Export –

Yearly Plan:

The yearly plan cost $77 dollars which include 5 day free trials. For any reason, if you do not like the software, then you can receive a full refund. The feature includes all the monthly plan features and plus these features below.

  • Bonus #1:
  • Video module
  • Bonus #2:
  • 10 free seed articles
  • 60% DISCOUNT (Special Offer)
  • 5-DAY FREE TRIAL (Special Offer)

Lifetime Plan:

The lifetime plan cost $497. If you are planning to use the software for long term use then I do recommend getting the lifetime plan. You will get the same features as monthly and yearly plan offers.

As you have seen, using Spin Rewriter to rewrite content is not only easy but can also be beneficial.

If you would like to try this out, I encourage you to do so by signing up for a free trial.


  • Current Deals: None
  • Pricing: Free Options only
  • Our Rating: 3/10
  • Recommended: No
paraphraser io
Source: Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io is one of the many paraphrase tools that are available to users for free at the moment.

According to the website, the tool provides human level paraphrasing, which ensures that the output is readable and does not change the meaning of the sentence.

Moreover, it claims to have used advanced artificial intelligence to rewrite sentences and paragraphs without altering the meaning or quality of the content.

As a result, I decided to give it a shot and see if the claim was correct or not.

In my research, I discovered that most of the content is retained with only a few word changes, which is not what you are looking for in a paraphrase tool.

As a result, it will not be worthwhile for you to use this tool to paraphrase your content.

I do not recommend this tool because there is a much better tool available right now for paraphrasing content than this one, which I do not recommend.

If there are any changes to this tool that lead to better results, I will make every effort to update this post to reflect the changes.

Paraphrase Online

  • Current Deals: None
  • Pricing: Free Options only
  • Our Rating: 3.5/10
  • Recommended: No
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Despite the fact that the names suggested that it is the best paraphrase tool online, the design and interface of the tool appear to be disturbing.

It turns out to be one of the worst paraphrasing tools available on the market at the moment, according to my testing of it.

The meaning of the paraphrase changes, and it becomes completely unreadable, resulting in a waste of your content.

At this time, I do not recommend that you make use of this tool to paraphrase your article at this time.

If any changes are made to this tool in the future and they are found to be beneficial, I will post an update in this section of the post to reflect the changes.

I would recommend that you use one of the first two tools that I have mentioned in this post instead of this one.

And therefore, try out these two tools, Quillbot and SpinRewriter.

My recommendation is to try out the Quillbot first, and if you don’t find it useful for whatever reason, then try the other software, Spin Rewriter.

SmallSeoTools Article Rewriter

  • Current Deals: None
  • Pricing: Free Options only
  • Our Rating: 4/10
  • Recommended: Somewhat
SmallSeoTools Article Rewriter
Source: SmallSeotools

SmallseoTools article rewriter is one of the many tools provided by the SmallSeoTool Company.

It provides a variety of online tools to assist people with their daily lives, including a rewriter, a plagiarism checker, a search engine ranking checker, and many others.

Although the article rewriter is completely free to use, the number of advertisements that appear on the page is far too high, and this may cause you to waste valuable time.

It is extremely limited in terms of features and functionality, and it is intended for very basic use only.

It is most likely a tool that has not been updated in a long time because the company does not provide a premium offering.

The rewriter’s work is not of a high enough quality to warrant my recommendation..

It is only recommended if you are using this content for link building and place the content in way in blog post or article that no one will ever read.

Because the rewrite content you will receive from this tool will be meaningless.


  • Current Deals: None
  • Pricing: Free Options only
  • Our Rating: 4/10
  • Recommended: Somewhat
Source: Prepostseo

It is yet another paraphrasing tool provided by Prepostseo, a company that provides over 95 tools, with the paraphrasing tool being one of them.

It is completely free to use, and it is the only way for businesses to make money through online advertisements.

It has four rewriting modes, which are simple, advanced, creative, and fluency. Simple is the most basic mode.

The quality of the rewritten content is extremely low, and I do not recommend that you make use of this tool.

If you are looking for a high-quality paraphrasing tool, I recommend that you try out QuillBot, which is ideal for paraphrasing content and is the tool that I am currently using.

Final Words

Although there are a few other services that offer similar functionality, QuillBot is the clear winner when it comes to features and performance.

On top of that, its support team offers excellent assistance via live chat, which is an absolute rarity among paraphrasing apps.

You can contact the support team via WhatsApp or Skype as well if you run into issues or have any questions about the service’s functionality.

Although there are tons of powerful and feature-rich paraphrasing tools out there, we believe that the one we’ve chosen is the best.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everyone. Remember, these paraphrasing tools work differently for different people, so a tool that works well for me might not work as well for you.

If you have any comments or thoughts on our selection of QuillBot, feel free to let us know below!


What are free paraphrasing tools?

There are tons of free paraphrasing tools available online but the quality of the paraphrasing is so bad that I do not recommend you to even try it and check it out.

Because all the free tools do not offer any premium service which indicates that the tool has never been updated since it was developed.

So it is not useful for paraphrasing content.

If you really need paraphrasing your content, then I recommend you to check out Quillbot which offers free and paid options and provides great results.

Is paraphrasing tools plagiarizing?

Paraphrasing tools is not plagiarizing if you know how to use it in the right way. You need to understand what paraphrasing is and learn to use it properly.

But it is highly recommended not to use in academic papers. It was meant for seo and in general purpose only.

Originally posted 2022-10-31 15:31:31.

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